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Serum and Eye Cream Antiage

brand: Serum Lab

Face, Anti age, Beauty, Hydrating, Lenitiva, Argan

30 ml

Codice: 3766


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The serum and eye cream is an high concentration cosmetic that has to be applied on cleansed skin, before moisturizer, to enhance its effects. The high concentration of whey, combined with biomimetic peptides and a blend of natural actives such as hyaluronic acid, caffeine, natural extracts and ceramides, allows to firm, brighten the skin and prevent the development of wrinkles or blemishes caused by breakouts or blackheads. The lifting effect makes the skin more compact and gives you a plumper appearance. Lab tests show how, after 5 weeks of use, you can observe statistically significant improvements like an increase of ecogenic structures, skin density, elasticity and a decrease in skin roughness.



The serum is a concentrate of actives, with fluid texture that needs to be applied quickly, not massaged like a moisturizer due to its lightweight formula

Apply starting from the base of the neck to the throat making lifting movements on the skin. Joining the hands, procede dabbing the product on cheeks and forehead until it’s completely absorbed. Use a little pressure on the corners of your mouth and temples to ensure maximum absorption in the areas that need it most. For the eye area apply dabbing lightly using your fingertips and insisting on delicate points



Serum Lab

Serum Lab ® is an exclusive cosmetic line, unique in the world and entirely made in Italy that uses whey in complete replacement of water. The moisturizing, antioxidant and healing properties of this precious element have been known since ancient times, and today, its combination with other natural cosmetic ingredients has given rise to a line of innovative high quality beauty treatments. Certified by the best experts and institutes, respecting the environment and nature.