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Moisturizer Antiage

brand: Serum Lab

Face, Anti age, Beauty, Hydrating, Lenitiva, Acido ialuronico, Argan

50 ml

Codice: 3776


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It’s fundamental to use the mosturizer consistently to achieve smooth and soft skin. The unique blend of actives, combined with the high percentage of whey, have the property of retaining water and actives on the skin producing an hydrolipidic film that acts as a barrier and stops water evaporation. The effect of whey and hyaluronic acid fights the skin’s loss of firmness giving it more plumpness and elasticity, contributing to keep it healthy and diminishing irritations and blemishes. The anti-age properties slow down the skin’s ageing process boosting cellular regeneration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Lab tests show how, after 5 weeks of use, you can observe statistically significant improvements in skin’s overall hydration, firmness, strenght, elasticity and a decrease in skin roughness.



To achieve maximum results you should apply the moisturizer everyday, morning and evening. Apply on cleansed and dry skin, possibly after the serum. Take a pea size amount and distribute it on forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck. Massage it on the skin with light circular movements using your fingertips.

The movements should go from the center of the face to the sides and from the bottom to the top. On wrinkles you should move in the opposite direction from where they formed, for example, on the wrinkles that develop vertically you should move horizontally, on those that develop horizontally you should always move vertically, from bottom to top.



Serum Lab

Serum Lab ® is an exclusive cosmetic line, unique in the world and entirely made in Italy that uses whey in complete replacement of water. The moisturizing, antioxidant and healing properties of this precious element have been known since ancient times, and today, its combination with other natural cosmetic ingredients has given rise to a line of innovative high quality beauty treatments. Certified by the best experts and institutes, respecting the environment and nature.