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Anti-aging face mask with snail slime

brand: Puglia Cosmesi

Face, Anti age, Beauty, Hydrating, Lenitiva, Purificante, Riparativa, Camomilla, Centella Asiatica, Estratto di ippocastano

Codice: 4381

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After application, the skin appears relaxed, smooth and wrinkles and expression lines are visibly less marked, facial features relaxed and signs of fatigue decreased. Its strong and exclusive tensor system of natural origin guarantees and immediately ensures a lasting tone and smoothness to the facial skin.

Apply to a perfectly clean and dry face and neck, leave to act for 3-4 minutes and remove with warm water. Remove any residues by massaging lightly with a slow circular motion until completely absorbed. N.B. the high% snail slime could cause slight redness on the most delicate skins. Before applying, try a small dose of the product on one part of the face.




Puglia Cosmesi

Puglia Cosmesi is a company active in the organic cosmetics sector, our products are made with natural ingredients of our land, produced in respect of nature and its rules.

They are eco-bio certified by AIAB.

Our products are completely free of:

Parabens, Preservatives, Nickel (<10 ppm), GMOs, Gluten, Petroleum derivatives, are not tested on animals.