Reitia is the name given to the Mother Goddess by the ancient Veneti and Reti, populations of the north-east of current Italy. It is in her honor that the biological skincare company Reizia was born.

The two pillars of Reizia: divine feminine and alpine nature

The sacred rituals that accompany each jar of cream were developed to reconnect each woman to her inner Goddess, to her vital force, cyclically at dawn and dusk, inviting the energies suitable to that phase of the day.

Reizia’s skincare creams are natural and organic, they come from biological plantations from Trentino, in the North of Italy, in utter respect of nature, and from plant extracts, flowers and officinal shrubs that are rich in active ingredients that nourish and regenerate the skin.

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Reizia’s vision is to adopt this line of biological creams to inspire women to have a lifestyle more aligned and attuned to their cycles and to the cycles of nature.

During the ritual with Reizia’s natural creams, the woman spreads the essence of plants, flowers and fruits on her skin, immersing herself in the earth and in nature. And by reuniting with Mother Earth, she reconnects with her own essence. This line was studied for women who want to reconnect with their own vital force, with the inner light they feel they have, but often do not know how to nurture, and wish to take care of it daily. 


Mother Earth gives us all that we need, She nourishes us every day, and welcomes us in Her temple as Her daughters. The concept of sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Reizia, which promotes harmony with Mother Earth, and contributes to reducing the consumption of natural resources and to preserve the environment as much as possible. From the first day of its constitution, Reizia has adopted sustainable policies in the various company activities, from production to packaging, promoting circular economy. For its products and materials, Reizia chose the best available eco-friendly solutions, with actions aimed at reducing wastes.




Trentino-Alto Adige

Located between two mountain ranges, Adige’s valley in Trentino, Italy, is composed by the stream beds of the river Adige and the torrent Noce. This small plain is intensely cultivated with grapevines and apple orchards.

It is a territory particularly suitable for the production of grapes, such as the renowned Teroldego, a well-known red wine produced by autochthonous grapes.

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