Ours is a story that starts from the past, in a time when man recognized and respected nature in all its essence. Our philosophy starts from this fundamental concept, that is, we are not the masters of this planet, but of the guests. The Puglia Cosmesi brand is born from an olive grove cultivated and worked using modern methods, but based on the principles of the past, passing through a laboratory that makes constant research and study its pillars. Our task is to carry out a more sustainable way of working, which is why Puglia Cosmetics products are made with love, respecting nature, using natural ingredients of our land, starting from the olive oil of our olive grove and passing through collaborations with other companies in our area, which share our principles and our philosophy, the Aristea, Helix and Zia Maria lines are born.

Puglia cosmesi enhances the essences and flavors of the earth, combining them and creating top quality organic cosmetics.


“We build bridges and not walls”. For us, networking is an important aspect of our work, beautiful things are born from relationships and collaborations with other realities in the area, one of these is our Helix line that combines Apulian olive oil with snail slime, extracted in an ethical and respectful way of snails, without causing shock to our little friends. The farms are built outdoors, using manual stimulation and no longer electric, as was the case in the past. The process is cyclical and is carried out using always different molluscs, so as not to damage the animal\’s integrity. No external stimulation is applied which can cause harm or discomfort to small beings.


Our products are eco-bio certified by AIAB, are free of parabens, petrolatum, silicones. They are nickel tested, not tested on animals.





Puglia is continuous discovery, amazement, breath, between the sea, promontories, olive trees, trulli, farms, churches, castles, alleys, dry stone walls, wild lands, unlimited horizons and unforgettable sunsets. Puglia is a continent. Mountainous and rural in the Daunian sub-Apennines, rocky and archaic in the Gargano promontory, it stretches over a wheaty plain in the Tavoliere, becomes dry on the Murgia, olive groves and merchant on the sea, to become cork and snow south of the capital and return friable and harsh in Salento.

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