It all starts with the left over grape skins and seeds, that is the pomace obtained from grapes growing in the Monferrato hills. This is the raw material, obtained from the best grapes of the best producers, from which the Polyphenols, precious molecules of wine, are extracted according to the highest quality standards. What you should know about Polyphenols is not a secret. Polyphenols are obtained from a circular economy process. Polyphenols are antioxidant and antinflammatory. Polyphenols are involved in photoprotection. Polyphenols stimulate collagen production. Polyphenols can activate the mechanisms of skin repair and exert an anti-spot action. What you now know about Polyphenols is what you will also find in our creams: care, protection, sustainability, and love.

We do what we say


“We do what we say” is not a figure of speech, is a way of acting. This is the choice that Poliphenolia has made since 2015, the year of the foundation of our brand. Our company has decided to transfer the essence of Monferrato, a wonderful land of Piedmont and UNESCO World Heritage, into the pro-age creams we make for you. To create our cosmetics, we carefully choose only the best grapes and producers of Monferrato, according to the highest quality standards. The polyphenols we use -the precious molecules of wine at the base of our products- come from here. Thanks to the knowledge on the biomedical properties of polyphenols extracted from vine waste at the end of the winemaking process, new cosmetic products are born in the name of sustainability and quality. You will not hear us repeat every day how good we are to respect the nature or your skin, because for us it is obvious to do it: it is part of our philosophy.

We only use natural ingredients (derived from sustainable sources or from production waste) and all the creams we produce are cruelty free and vegan. For many it is obvious, for someone it is important, for us it is just what we do every day. That’s why for us what we say and what we do is the same thing.


Waste is a resource born in the wrong place





We are located in the heart of Monferrato, a place of vineyards and ridges, wild but sweet and still authentic. The lands and vineyards of Monferrato are our first laboratory and offer us invariably precious ingredients and inspiration. Our story begins in this wonderful land, come and discover us in person!