Conero Beauty was born in the heart of the Marche region, in a protected natural park which is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems of the Italian peninsula.

This park is the birthplace of Paccasasso del Conero™, a registered trademark of Conero Beauty, one of the plants richest in Vitamin C in the brackish ecosystems of the Adriatic coast, and an authentic super-food for the skin, whose extract is for the first time in Italy made bioavailable for topical use thanks to the chemical cosmetic study of the Conero Beauty laboratories.

Used as a structural base for the formulation of all Conero Beauty cosmetics, Paccasasso del Conero™ extract is a formidable ally against cellular ageing of the skin and the formation of free radicals, helping in the processes of protection and cell regeneration.

Important dermocosmetic studies have in fact demonstrated how the natural components of Paccasasso del Conero™ (Vitamin C and hesperidin) accelerate the synthesis of collagen, stimulating cell regeneration and differentiation in perfect homeostasis, plumping the skin in the deepest layers, filling wrinkles and giving elasticity to the skin.

Conero Beauty also presents itself as the third way of pharmacy cosmetics, that is, as a valid and authentic natural alternative to traditional dermatological or more commercial cosmetics, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of the formulations but maintaining a completely natural soul that maximizes tolerability and sustainability.

The strenght of Mount Conero on your skin


Conero Beauty’s mission is to bring natural cosmetics to the general public, by promoting a new paradigm of personal care that passes from the naturalness and sustainability of products and above all by raising the standards of effectiveness of natural cosmetics.

Conero Beauty is inspired by the international canons of “CLEAN BEAUTY” that are declined as a synthesis of safety, ethics, sustainability, traceability of raw materials and especially “cleanliness” of the formulation.

Conero Beauty cosmetics contain only “active” ingredients: all components of the cosmetic formulas have a specific function for the skin, to make it healthier and more beautiful, without any type of ingredient that is not functional, and are also suitable for sensitive skin, atopic or simply delicate.

In addition, the formulations of Conero Beauty cosmetics are completely natural, that is, they are free of industrially derived chemicals and even just potentially toxic, irritating or allergenic, such as added preservatives, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, silicones, phthalates, PEG, AHA, BHT, EDTA, DEA, TEA, nanoparticles, SLS, SLES, parabens, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers, isothiazolinones, phenoxyethanol, GMOs and products of animal origin or tested on animals, making the entire line VEGAN.



Conero Beauty cosmetics' formulations are completely natural, that is, they are free of industrially derived chemicals and even just potentially toxic, irritating or allergenic, making the entire line VEGAN.



The Marches

The objective of Conero Beauty is both to restore excellence to the Italian cosmetics market at the level of the beauty industry worldwide, and to tell the story of the excellence of the Marche region through cosmetics and inculcate a virtuous circle of rebirth, craftsmanship, sustainable and responsible tourism and economic and social growth of the region, to protect and enhance the territory.

The entire Conero Beauty supply chain is therefore proudly “Made in Marche”, from cosmetic and dermatological research to the active ingredients used, from recycled and recyclable packaging to Carta di Fabriano” paper cases.

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